Dishley Foot & Health Clinic  


Medical & Auricular Acupuncture

Also known as dry needling as it is referred to in the Western branch of traditional Chinese acupuncture. I am qualified, licenced and insured to practice acupuncture and massage therapy.

Muscular Skeletal Manifestations of Pain; back, shoulder and leg pain, sciatica and pain associated with other muscular skeletal problems. Causes of pain are often complex and so a series of treatments may be necessary. Sometimes this is given in combination with trigger point massage to the area to relieve "knots" and trigger referral points which are causing the pain.

COSTS £25 for acupuncture and trigger point release massage (30 mins) Longer sessions may be required and can be arranged after assessment.

Anxiety and Stress Management; by auricular (ear) acupuncture, can be combined with a foot or back massage

COSTS £25 for acupuncture alone (30 mins) or £35 with accompanying foot or back massage (45 mins)